"Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him," Daniel 6:3

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Biblical Principles

LAKE TAUPO CHRISTIAN School - from year one to thirteen

Welcome to the Lake Taupo Christian School. I hope these pages will give you insight into our school and that you will sense the richness that we aim to bring to the lives of all those associated with the school. As a school it is our aim to bring excellence to all aspects of our students’ lives and to develop leaders within our community. We stress that academic and sporting excellence are not enough and that to equip our students we must instil character. Biblical principles under gird all that we do, as we strive to achieve our aim of producing Christian men and women of outstanding ability who are able to play a full and active role in our society. I invite you to read on and see how, as a school, we can help you to prepare your child for the future.

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Principal's Message

The heart and central purpose of the Lake Taupo Christian School comes from Taupo people. Our teachers, board members, parents and friends share a dynamic Christian faith found in the person of Jesus Christ. As a Christian school we foster strong caring relationships - students with students, students with teachers and teachers with parents. We believe in and attempt to practice, real community where people care for one another.

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