disciplinary policy

The student management system is designed to stimulate and encourage your child to accept responsibility for personal self-discipline.  In all we do, the loving and caring character of Jesus needs to be clearly visible.  Discipline is something done for the child rather than to the child. We strongly believe that if the system is consistently applied with good discretion by staff members, we will create an environment  conducive to excellent learning.

The school believes that effective learning will take place when students behave in an appropriate manner. Students will learn effectively and teachers will teach effectively when a student's behaviour is managed effectively. The school will offer a high quality of Christian training as an extension of the Christian home and Church, but the school is not designed to be a correctional institution for children with emotional or learning difficulties beyond those found in average school children.

There are two basic principles to the school's student management system:

  1. Students must be protected from or accept responsibility for unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour.
  2. Students must be effectively motivated and rewarded for achieving educational and behavioural goals.

The school requires parents to:

  1. Actively support the school's aims, philosophy, policies and standards.
  2. Encourage a child's readiness to adjust to the disciplined Christian environment.

The student management system of the school will be fair but structured and involves:

Incentives    Restraints 
Loving personal encouragement   Demerits
Open acknowledgment of achievement Detentions
Extra activities of student's choice Parental consultation                    
Extended break times Behaviour contracts
Special outings Probation  for a period
Certificates Stand down from school
Dismissal from school

The primary objective of the disciplinary procedures within the school is to bring the child to acknowledge God as sovereign, acknowledge the role of parents in their life, and to acknowledge the Principal and supervisors as guides in their education and learning for eternity.  The child will be taught to respect authority, and to understand that there are consequences for their actions.

All disciplinary matters will be fully documented at every step in the process. This is to document both parent and supervisor input through all stages. All discipline must occur as soon after the misdemeanour as possible.

Failure to Respond

  1. If a student or parent is not responding to the normal disciplinary procedures, the parents will be called to discuss the child’s misbehaviour and attitude, and ways to change them.
  2. A behaviour contract will be undertaken between the student, parents, and the school. This will be initiated by the principal. It will clearly state the required standard of conduct.
  3. A student who is not responding to the disciplinary requirements of the school may be put on probation for two weeks.
  4. Such action will only occur with the Board of Trustees' approval.
  5. If there is still no resolution to the problem, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to dismiss the student from the school.

School Uniform

The Board of Trustees recognises that from time to time circumstances arise whereby students are unable to wear the correct school uniform. In these circumstances the student must produce a written note from their parents or guardian stating the reasons for casual wear.

Consistent failure by either the student or parent to conform to the uniform policy of the school will be considered a breach of the discipline policy. Ongoing failure to meet the uniform code will be addressed as a failure to respond to normal disciplinary procedures.