our people

The Lake Taupo Christian School staff form a highly trained and qualified team
of professional educators who are also practicing Christians.


Staff 2024 cropped


Mrs Nicky Cleary (Acting Principal)

Mr Kevin Short (On leave)

Mr Karl Hermann (Deputy Principal)


Mr Ben Keddie

Mrs Amy Colledge

Mrs Jamie-Lee Veth

Mrs Louisa de Lange

Mr Simon Kuriger

Mrs Dorothy Hutton

Mrs Vander Zwaag

Ms Rachael Cobham

Mrs Jess Craddock

Paora Wineera


Auxiliary Staff:

Mrs Jo Rose (Executive Officer)

Mr Andrew Hilton (Caretaker)

Mrs Amalie Jaques (Teacher Aide)

Miss Jordana Thomas (Teacher Aide)

Mrs Tilly Rietveld (Teacher Aide)

Mrs Sarah Denny (Supported Learning)


our trustees


Phil Edwards - BOT Chair

The Board of Trustees governs the school in accordance with Ministry of Education policy.

The major functions of the board are:

- To set policy and key objectives.
- To approve significant forward plans.
- To monitor the progress of approved plans.
- To monitor performance standards against policy.

The board members are:

Zoanna Lamond Parent Representative
Paora Wineera Parent Representative
Inoke Tuirara Parent Representative
Karl Hermann Acting Principal
Jo Rose Staff Representative
Finn Riley Student Representative
Locky McNeill (Chair) Trust Representative


The Lake Taupo Christian School Trust board oversees the Christian philosophy of the school according to the trust deed and has as its primary administration role - that being to provide and maintain school buildings, land and future development of the facility. The trust is the proprietor of Lake Taupo Christian School.

Locky McNeill (Chair)

Keith Fischer

Duncan Campbell

Phil Laws

Cammy Clarke

Margaret Ellis

Karl Hermann - Acting Principal

Jo Rose (Executive Officer/Secretary)